Faisal Riaz

Faisal Riaz is the current director of Murrayburn Motors (well, the company is about to cease trading to distance itself from the customers it has ripped off)…..he was also the director of Western Motors which is dissolved (where i bought my car from). Never changes his number so easy to locate him on google (07956 448248).

He closed Western Motors a week after I bought my car so the only way I could contact him was to search google for his name as he changed company email and website without telling anyone. Obviously easier than customer service.

He obviously sells cars knowing they have faults and then goes into hiding rather than putting things right. It’s shocking he is allowed to open business after business, dissolving them when too many complaints start to surface. Trading Standards are aware of his history but are unable to act on anything as the companies he has traded with no longer exist. If you come across this gentleman, run for the hills.