The UK Law Farce On Dodgey Car Dealerships

One of the main reasons for making this site is because I’m nearly £4k out of pocket with a car that won’t even start. This dealership has blocked my number and ignoring any registered letters I have sent to them. I went to Trading Standards to see about getting the dealership to reimburse repair costs, or refund me for their useless warranty, or even just do anything to attempt to make things right.

To my disgust I found out that in UK law, directors are NOT responsible for their company debt if they dissolve the company. I bought my car when this company was called ‘Western Motors’ (Now dissolved). 2 Weeks after I had got the car, they dissolved the company and reopened an identical company at the same address under the name ‘Murrayburn Motors’ (now also dissolving and becoming Hailes Limited I hear the rumour is). When the director of a company does this it means that now I have no way of getting my money back.

The director laughs all the way to the bank with all the sucker customers money, then dissolves the company, makes a new one, dissolves it. The current director has about 20 or more dissolved companies under his belt all over the UK. If you do some searching on google, you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of out of pocket customers who have no claim on their money as these companies are no longer trading.

The law has failed me and these shady car dealerships know this. I decided to get my own back by creating this site. I’m not making any defamatory statements about the company or the dealership. Just stating the facts, backed up by evidence and they won’t like this as it is perfectly legal thanks to the Freedom of Information act. I may not get my money back (any donations to keep this site maintained will be welcomed however). I will make sure I do everything in my power to make sure these guys don’t rip off half as many people any more. Share this site please.