My Story

I bought a Mercedes 2002 coupe in October 2015. It was my first car and with me knowing so little about cars, it was probably not the best idea buying one before I’d passed my test or taken a test drive but hey ho.

I paid for the car along with a £200 warranty which they claimed was an extended warranty, so I assumed was with their garage. Of course it turned out to be a 3rd party warranty that wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

They charged me £30 to deliver it and told me it would be in the morning. It didn’t arrive till late at night.

In the week or so after I got a friend who was a mechanic to check over any faults that were glaringly obvious and he found worn wheel bearings etc the usual. I also found the tyres kept going flat every day which I put down to kids bursting them. The passenger door didn’t lock. The lock kept opening and closing rapidly. Boot lock was broken, sunroof was broken but thought yeh fair enough its an old car. Told the dealer to get them repaired. They rarely replied unless I sent hundreds of messages….

The warranty attached was only for a year when I’d paid  for 2 so told them to send me the 2 year one….no reply. Told them the car had faults… reply. Mailed and mailed and mailed tillsorry



They weren’t interested in coming to pick the car up, instead told me to drop it in Broxburn (20 miles away)


Had to put a space saver tyre on because the tyre was burst. I got my mechanic friend to drop the car at their garage with a list of the faults wed come across. The list wasn’t complete but Murrayburn Motors state on their site that all cars are independently expected , so figured they’d have caught most of the faults. This is obviously a complete lie. Anyway, dropped the car in. They went quiet so emailed them the next week to ask how it was getting on…..


Ok cool. Another week passed. Emailed again….

locknotarrived(Obviously locks are like white truffles these days it seems)

Just enough time for my warranty with them to run out. When they eventually told me the car was ready, after me hounding them for weeks, we had to pick the car up again. Got it back to mine and there had been no repairs done. They had just taken the spring out the passenger door. Also realised at this point that the alloys were so corroded they were letting the tyres go flat every day. Murrayburn must have been well aware of this fault as I had to pump the tyres every day or they’d be flat. I hadn’t received my £200 warranty yet either.

Hounded them for it


And again, and again, and again……warranty1

And again (December 16th 2015)
(Nearly 2 months and you’re still waiting? aye ok mate. Refused to refund me completely)

Still no warranty. Christmas came and went till….

2016-10-13-7How can it be in the post again? and this is January btw….and how come it was ‘attached to the email’ months ago but now he can’t push a button. Obviously forgets what he says in previous emails. Apparently he was very prompt with his replies even tho he had to say sorry at the start of every one for how late it was……

Eventually got it (BY EMAIL, AFTER SAYING IT WAS IN THE POST) on the 6th of January 2016 (Bought the car on the 16th October 2015)

This was when they explained that the warranty won’t cover the faults and I should have told them about it in the first 4 weeks. They claim this is wear and tear. The car hasn’t driven 600 miles since I got it from them so this is absolute nonsense. They held onto the car for that long they could throw the wear and tear issue at me. I told them about the consumer law as they don’t seem to know it. They botched the repair so should have refunded me right away, but they weren’t interested in doing the right thing….



(Basically their logic is that, the car is old so you should expect it to be completely broken when we sell it at a ridiculously overinflated price)

Momentum didn’t cover anything and the faults are mainly mechanical so got back in touch with Faisal Riaz (The director behind most if not all of the dissolved car dealerships that have been located at 50 Murrayburn Road so far) and he just ignored my letters and phone calls. Obviously, he’s dissolved the  company I bought from (Western Motors) so now is laughing all the way to the bank. I realise I probably won’t get my money back now or the repairs paid for. The car is dead and won’t even start now.

Most people just accept they’ve been had but when you know how to make a website and rank it, then the joke’s really on you. I’ve nothing left to lose by putting this site up to ensure he doesn’t rip any more people off. I’m not here for revenge or anything. I just want the repairs paid for. If Faisal Riaz wants to do the decent thing and remove himself any more embarassment, he can buy this site for the repair bill cost of £1500 (Still have receipts) so I can buy the SAME model off a PRIVATE seller that actually works. If not, fair enough. This site will remain and will continue to be updated with any of his future ‘businesses’.