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I know there are tons of people who have been taken for a ride by this dealership and I’d like to hear from you. Comment away.

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  1. Danny F says:

    AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! I bought a car from this place in July 2015, and started to have problems with it from the word go. We handed the car back to them for a gearbox repair in September and never saw the car again until last month (April 2016). I did all the chasing up myself, many times my call would not be answered or rejected. We also went through 4 courtesy cars during this period and all 4 had various problems. Many lies told from the 3 different people that dealt with us. Car still had a couple of repairs needed done when i got it back that were never done. I have to admit going six months or so we were lenient with this garage, we did get Trading Standards involved and things started to get done quicker or we would still be without the car is my bet. We never paid for repairs done so not out of pocket but never felt comfortable driving the car once we got it back as i still believe there were issues with it so got shot of it for something else, huge weight of six months of stress of the shoulders.

  2. Danny F says:

    Nearly a year on from cutting all ties with this company, I still feel bitter that they pocketed just over 2 grand for a car that i could count on one hand the times i drove. The stress this company gave me and my pregnant wife was unbelievable. Its about time the law cracked down on these cowboy firms. Also be weary of the google reviews, some are fake to bump up the rating. In my honest opinion, stay well away from this individual and his businesses. Was delighted that you have created this website, many thanks.

  3. David Walker says:

    Love what you have done with this I wish I could do same to Richard f Mackey bought two leather couches of them they were faulty been waiting for parts for these couches 8 months nothing and they buy there stuff from China as I say again brilliant I was considering buying car from murrayburn motors not now thanks I would pay some one to do that for me walkerdavid097@GMAIL.COM

  4. Sam Henderson says:

    Hi Guys,

    Having the same problem with awful excuse for a human being right now.

    This is this worst car dealership I’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

    I was sold a bentley continental in February 17 which mere days after purchase came up with a warning light that it needed servicing. It then continued to flash warning lights for major issues, such as ‘check brake lights.’

    I contacted Faz at the company, who at first was understanding and agreed to pay for the service with Bentley to fix the mountain of errors that had arisen. He then continued to delay and make ridiculous excuses for months now mid May. He is now not responding to any communication after providing written evidence of his intent to fix the problems with the car that were not made apparent at the time of sale.

    Its been an awful experience and i will now be forced to file a claim with the courts to retrieve the owed money to fix the various problems with the car.

    I urge anyone looking to purchase a car to steer well clear of this very dishonest dealership, and Faz in particular.

  5. netguru26 says:

    Yup and he’s still getting away with it with Trading Standards saying there’s nothing they can do about it. Ridiculous.

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